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Elegant Simplicity for the Modern Web

Elegant simplicity for the modern web

Clean, original designs, hand-sculpted to the latest standards. Simple solutions engineered for maintainability. Everything from small adjustments to ground-up design and development.

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Clean, original designs, hand-sculpted to the latest standards

We don't use a library of generic pre-made templates, and just fill in some blanks. Each site we build has a uniquely tailored look and feel, designed specifically for you. Whether starting a new site or reinvigorating an established one, a new design can be more than just attractive. Our carefully-coded themes are usable on any common browser or device including phones, tablets and consoles, and are validated for conformance with the latest web standards. Each is hand-written to be internally clean and maintainable, making our works more SEO-friendly, cheaper on bandwidth, and higher-performing.

Simple solutions engineered for maintainability

One of our philosophies is to avoid introducing more "moving parts" than necessary. We don't want to sell you a heavy, over-engineered solution that keeps you reliant on experts. Depending on the complexity of your needs, many of our sites can be hosted on practically any type of server without dependencies on server-side scripting languages, databases, and content management systems. This makes the site cheaper to host, more reliable, and leaves more flexibility for changes in the future.

And if your requirements are larger in scope, necessitating the power of more complicated tools, we do that too. Our team has experience writing and maintaining all sorts of dynamic web services from content management systems and social integration to podcasting and games. Every effort is made to bring your vision together into a simple, harmonious flow of data behind a seamless, elegant presentation, in any form those ideals may take for each customer's goals.

Everything from small adjustments to ground-up design and development

Simplicity is not just about what we create but also how we work, whether your website is driven by a CMS, custom scripting or 1990s HTML. If you only want some content updates, a small feature added, or it just needs to be freshened and polished without a radically new style, we have the expertise to work with whatever aesthetics and technologies you've already become accustomed to.