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CyberUniverses Interactive is a space for exploring technologies, ideas, and methodologies. Free games, simulations, and other sorts of experiments are hosted here for testing and demonstration, and may not work on all browsers and devices.


Click/tap on falling lights before they reach the bottom. Spot blacklights for bonus points. The difficulty level increases with each light. What level can you reach before the onslaught overwhelms you?



Explore a tree fractal by dragging to shape its sizes and angles. Works on most browsers and phones, though high numbers of branches and iterations are limited by the power of the device.



Wander through an infinite labyrinth of rooms in overlapping spaces, where walls can have one side and dead-ends can be passages. Scroll with the wheel or two fingers to control your speed, and drag to look around. Works on most desktop browsers and some phones (often only in Firefox Mobile).