Welcome! I use this server to host clients' sites, develop web-based applications, and eventually share various content that I think others might find interesting. There isn't much here for the public yet, but feel free to look around. Most of my traffic lately has been interest in my 3D rendering engine, Pray, so click there or in the Projects menu to the right, if that's what you're looking for.

I also offer IT consulting services, primarily in the area of web technologies for small to medium-sized businesses. Most of my work these days comes from word-of-mouth, so I've decided to eschew the fancy marketing fluff that tries to use reams of text and a bunch of clip-art of people wearing headsets and Photoshop-white smiles to cover up the fact that I am one simple person working out of his home. So if you're tired of pretenders who promise big but can't get the job done right, and salespeople who are sure they know what you want more than you do (and what you want, dear friend, only costs a grand or two more than you thought), then contact me. You can talk about what *you* envision for your web presence, directly to the man doing the heavy work. Still not sure? Maybe reading more about me will help you decide if my personal professionalism and skillful service might be a good fit for you.

Other than that, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy whatever you're here for as much as I enjoyed putting it here. Feel free to contact me for any reason other than to sell me something. I do love to hear from real people of all sorts. Just not spam bots (whether they are machines or humans).

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